How to play ?

Miraculous Secrets is a two-player trading card game.

Goal of the game: The objective is to discover your opponent’s "Secret" card. To do this, three of your opponent’s “Character” cards must be eliminated.

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  • "Character" cards
  • "Bonus" cards
  • "Event" cards
  • "Secret" cards
  • Coin flip
  • Game board layout

Game contents

"Characters" cards

Civilians, Superheroes, Supervillains

At the bottom of each card there are:

  • Two symbols: "attack" and "defense" with their power levels
  • An explanation of their specila power
Miraculous Card Game Character cards

"Bonus" cards

Object, Kwami, Lucky Charm, Weapon, Senti-monster, Miraculous

They allow you to add attack and/or defense power to your “Character” cards to defeat the opponent or counter their attacks.

Miraculous Card Game Bonus cards

"Event" cards

They allow you to perform additional actions during an attack.

Miraculous Card Game Event cards

"Secret" cards

These are the cards each player must find or protect.

Rub the card to reveal the secret!

Miraculous Secret cards

Coin flip

This is associated with the “Akumatization/Time to de-evilize” “Coin Flip” card. Flip the coin to determine whether the flipper akumatizes their opponent’s card or “de-evilizes” one of their cards.

You can only akumatize one card at a time.

Miraculous Card Game Coin Flip


The game is over when:

  • A player has eleminated three “Character” cards from their opponent.
  • A player has no more cards in their deck.
  • A player plays a special card.

Summary: one round=

  • Play “Character”, “Bonus” and/or “Event cards. (up to five cards)  
  • Attack if possible. (only one card) 
  • Replace cards that were played in order to have five cards in your hand.


Secret Battle

If you don’t have enough “Character” and/or “Bonus” cards, that’s no problem! You can still play Secret Battle! To play Secret Battle each player needs to have decks that are made up of the same number of “Character” and/or “Bonus” cards.


Each player places a “Secret” card of their choice next to the draw pile.


Each player turns over a card from theirdraw pile at the same time and places it next to their "Secret" card. The player who plays a card with the highest attack and defense wins the round. Place this card on their "Secret" card.

Side Note: If both players’ cards have the same attack and defense power, it’s a tie. Replay with new cards. The winner deposits played cards on their "Secret" card.

When all cards have been played and turned over, the player with the most cards on their "Secret" card wins the game. At this point the opponent must reveal their "Secret" card.

Game board layout

  • Game field: fill the four spaces with your “Character” and/or “Bonus” cards. 
  • Retreat location: place “Character”, “Bonus”, or “Event” cards here that have been played face up. 
  • Secret location: place "Secret" card face down and the “Character” cards that have been eliminated by the opponent. 
  • Deck: place your deck here, face down. 
  • Event zone: located between the two player fields, this area is where the “Event” cards are placed.

The gameboard

Miraculous Trading Card Game Gameboard

How to play


Each player selects 30 to 40 cards to compose their deck and one "secret" card (both players should have the same number of cards).
Both players should have the same number of cards and cannot have the same card more than 3 times in their deck.

Place your "Secret" card face down on the secret location space and deck on the deck space.

Begin the game by drawing five cards from your deck.

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Objective of the game: Discover the opponent’s "Secret"card. Do this by eliminating three of your opponent’s “Character” cards.

Use the coin flip to determine who will start the game

Round 1

  • Player one can place up to four “Character” cards on the game field and can combine up to three “Bonus” cards per “Character” card. Then they draw as many cards from their deck as were placed on the field. 
  • Player two places their cards on the game field. Then they draw as many cards from their deck as were placed on the field. They cannot attack during this round.

Side Note: If a player has no “Character” cards in their hand on their first turn, they must place the cards back into their deck and pick five more.

Following rounds

1. Place "Character", "Bonus" and/or "Event" cards

Side Note: If a player doesn’t want to or cannot play a “Character" and/or “Bonus” card, they deposit the cards from their hand at the bottom of their deck, draw 5 new cards and pass.

2. Attack

 a) Attack v. defense
A player can, if they choose to do so, attack their opponent. To attack, the attack points of their “Character” card need to be greater than or equal to those of the defense of the opponent’s card (including bonuses).
 b) Conditions
A player can only attack their opponent if they have at least three “Character” cards on the game field, and their opponent has at least two “Character” cards on the game field. You can only attack one “Character” card per round.

 c) Counter
Attacked players can react with an “Event” card found in their hand.

 d) Card placement
If the attack is successful, the attacking player places their “Character” and “Bonus” cards in the retreat location, and the opponent places their “Character” card on the secret location.
Side Note: Card powers are lost when they go to either the retreat or secret location.

3. Draw
Players draw as many cards as needed in order to have 5 cards in their hand.

Discovering the secret:
When a player has eliminated three of their opponent’s “Character” cards, they have won the game! The opponent then reveals their "Secret" card!

Notes: If the four slots on the game field are occupied by “Character” cards and a player wants to replace one, they may do so but cannot attack during this round.

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